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The Importance of Education Through the Ages

Throughout the millennia-long course of human civilization, education has always occupied a position of tremendous importance. After all, everyone knows that the youth of today will inevitably become tomorrow’s leaders. With this critical maxim in mind, this website is devoted to all things pertaining to the importance of education throughout history. Here, readers can find all they need to know on the subject, from the peripatetic school of Aristotle to the great educators of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Ancient Athens: Birthplace of Critical Thought

The peripatetic school of Aristotle (who also served as a mentor to Alexander the Great) was established in 335 BC in the Greek city of Athens. Here, the celebrated philosopher would teach his students by asking them provocative questions rather than by merely stating facts. This novel approach to education allowed his students to reach their own conclusions by exercising what would later be termed “critical thought.” Aristotle’s didactic style profoundly influenced how young people were taught for centuries after the great philosopher’s death.

Great Educators of Modern Times

This website, however, extends far beyond ancient Athens. Visitors will also find fascinating material on prominent educators of the modern era, men and women who are still having an impact on how young people are taught in the 21st century. These include the UK’s Sir Kenneth Robinson, Conrad and Stephen Wolfram (the creators of TED talks), and MIT Professor Anant Agarwal, to name only a few.